we provide low cost professional website design services to small & medium businesses in Kenya .Our prices start from ksh 8000 we aoffer training ,domain and hosting for maintenance we negotiate on packages available


KSH 12,000

No hidden fees. No pressure.

  • Content Management System
  • Responsive Professional Design
  • SEO Content Copywriting
  • Images Optimization
  • Products/Services Showcasing module
  • Enhanced Website Security included (SSL,Firewall)
  • Social Media, Chat, Online forms integrations
  • Site Upload & Setup of domain emails
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Basic website SEO
  • Search Engine Submission
  • I Yr Domain & Hosting Inclusive
  • 1 month free support
  • Delivery: 11 working days


KSH 25,000

Ideal for Bloggers / Start-Ups / Small Businesses with a limited budget.
  • Max No of pages: 50
  • Responsive Design/Mobile Friendly (Very Important!)
  • Content Management System (Wordpress/Joomla)
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Cross Browser
  • Database Driven
  • Dynamic
  • Social Media : Facebook & Twitter
  • Google Analytics
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • Live Support
  • Photo Gallery
  • Sitemap
  • Blog
  • Google Maps
  • 6 Months Free Support & Maintenance
  • (All other features for standard package)


KSH 50,000+

Ideal for ecommerce, big companies with the goal to reach massive audiences.

  • No of pages: Unlimited
  • Responsive Design/Mobile Friendly (Very Important!)
  • Content Management System (Joomla/Wordpress)
  • Multi Language website
  • Content Management System/Customized Portal
  • Responsive Professional Design
  • Keywords Research
  • SEO Content Copywriting
  • Images Capture & Optimization
  •  Products/Services Showcasing module
  •  Enhanced Website Security (SSL,Firewall,…)
  • Social Media Creation, Chat, Online forms integrations
  •  Site Upload & Setup of domain emails
  •  Analytics dashboard
  •  Standard website SEO
  •  Google Business Creation
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Local directories Submission
  •  Custom Features/Modules
  •  3 months free support
  •  I Yr. Domain & Hosting Inclusive
  • Delivery: From 60 working days
  • Social Media Integrated: Facebook & Twitter
  • Google Analytics
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • Photo Gallery
  • Downloads
  • Training
  • 12 Months Free Support & Maintenance
  • Google Translate
  • Events Calendar
  • Professional Blog
  • Live Chat Software
  • Newsletter Integrated
  • Sitemap
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to design a website IN KENYA?

Website design can sometimes cost as low as KSH 8000  but can also cost as much as KSH 600,000 It depends on the type of website a business needs as well as the features that will be on it. You can request a quote with us to get an actual cost.

How long does it take to design  or business website IN KENYA?

Corporate website or business website design can be completed within 1 to 3 weeks. It is however important that your contents are ready upfront

How Do I Make My Site Search Engine Friendly?

The best way to make your site more search engine friendly is often to simply add more text. The content must add value and be on topic, but the addition will create a new set of keywords and phrases for the search engines to crawl. Think of these terms as new ‘gateways’ for the engines - the injection of text will provide new doorways for traffic.

More about SEO:

Inbound linking is very important. In fact, acquiring back-links may be the most important thing in SEO. Nonetheless, a website owner shouldn’t have to “scout” or “hunt” for links. If the presented content is interesting, useful, and/or important, there is a natural tendency among web users to share information.